The Division 2 Crossplay is Still Only Available for PC and Stadia Users; Here’s How it Works

With the latest Resident Evil update coming to The Division 2, we wanted to inform you about the current state of Crossplay in the game.

The Division 2 launched back in the year 2019

The Division 2 launched back in the year 2019 by Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment and is the sequel to The Division. In the past, Ubisoft have announced the game will receive an update to the title that includes several Resident Evil apparel to mark the 25th anniversary of the horror franchise from Capcom. As servers are under maintenance We figured you’d be looking forward to getting on, putting on this outfit and playing with your friends. However, considering the The Division 2 crossplay being a shrewd system that we’ve decided to describe the players you can play on different platforms.

The simple response is PC players as well as Stadia players are able to participate together in the Division 2 crossplay feature. If you’re on different platforms, you’ll be limited to playing alongside other players on the platform you’re playing on. Unfortunately, the update, which is being implemented today does not appear to add any crossplay-related features in accordance with the notes for the patch. As a result If you’re looking to enable crossplay on players on your Stadia and PC versions of the game, it’s pretty easy to do it.

For PC players Crossplay is enabled by default

For PC players Crossplay is enabled by default, and you have the option to turn it off should you want to. For players running Stadia it is necessary to first make sure you have your Ubisoft accounts and Stadia accounts are linked. Then, The Division 2 crossplay should be turned on by default. If you wish to opt out, you may disable it using the settings.

It’s likely that you’ll see other players’ names with icons beside them. It indicates the game they’re on. This is inclusive of PC icons as well as Stadia icons. It’s important to note that if you don’t happen to have the feature activated and enabled, you’ll not be in a position to matchmake or group with the other platform. But, when you enter specific areas, like Dark Zone, you’ll still encounter players who are on another platform.

At the moment, it appears like the Division 2 crossplay isn’t planning to extend to other platforms, however I hope it’s something Ubisoft plans to bring out in the near future. Also the reports about the fact that Stadia is shifting away from developing video games and will continue to support third-party games broke the night before and hopefully, it’s not a sign of the end of Stadia’s existence. However, Google is determined to continue to help its users.

Fritz Box 6490 Teredo filter deactivate

How do you remove the Teredo filter within the FritzBox

If there are connection problems in a VPN network or in connection with Internet, you can deactivate the Teredo filter in the FritzBox. This will make sure that you are able to connect to the Internet once more.

Go to and click on the “Internet” tab.

Go to”Filters,” then “Filters” submenu and on to “Lists”. You can now disable this “Teredo filter active” option. Based what model you have of the FritzBox You will be able to find this option within your advanced setting. Make sure you confirm the changes you’ve made.

How is Teredo filter accountable for?

In general, Teredo is a tunneling protocol that allows IPv4 computers to utilize the standard 6to4 securely through tunnels. If you have your IPv6 Internet connection Your FritzBox is blocking UDP port 3544 due to security reasons, which means that you won’t be able to access the Internet through certain applications. If you remove Teredo, or deactivate the Teredo filter you are enabling the FritzBox to connect to the Internet through IPv6. IPv6 protocol. In accordance with the AVM FritzBoxes without Toredo are not protected by their FritzBox firewall. In any event, you must make sure your data is secure when you turn off your Teredo filter.