WG meeting (London, 31/8/11) - WG2 programme

WG2 programme London - draft 2 - 28 July 2011

9 - 930 registration

930 - 1045 Working Group 2 TF2

930-935 Welcome (Nico) and Presentation (Peter and Birgit)

935 -- 1045 papers for TF2 (10 minutes per paper plus discussion)

Anne Kaun
Mediatised Civic Experience in Estonia

D. Beybin Kejanlioglu, Baris Coban, M. Emre Koksalan
The user as producer in the alternative media? Case of The Independent Communication Network (BIA)

Nurçay Türkoglu
Whispers of the global democracy and the screams of the 'voice of voiceless'

Yair Amichai-Hamburger
The Net as a Paradise for People with Social Inhibitions

Irma Hirsjarvi
Fandom positions in the international comparative research on youth media participation (2009-2011) (co-sponsored by TF2 and TF4)

1045 - 1115 coffee break

1115-1230 Working Group 2 TF2

1115 - 1145 papers for TF2

Emiliana De Blasio, Matthew Hibberd, Michele Sorice
Popular politics, populism and the leaders. Access without participation? The cases of Italy and UK

Aukse Balcytiene
Quality of online discourse and prospects for public participation: the Baltic perspective

1145 -- 1230 Guest Speaker, Liesbet Van Zoonen (response by Peter Lunt)

1230-1330 lunch

1330-1430 Business meeting of WG2

1430-1545 WG TF3

1430 - 1435 Presentation (Paula Cordeiro - Manuel José Damásio)

1435 - 1500 Guest speaker Tim Riley

1500 - 1530 Papers (8 minutes per paper plus discussion)

Paula Cordeiro
How can you not be on Facebook?! A digital ethnographic exploratory study of Portuguese users.

Carla Ganito, & Cátia Ferreira
Serialized participatory culture: Digital transformation of youth audiences. A case study of Portuguese College Students.

Mike Mckaert, Sara Henriques & Manuel José Damásio
e-health and health literacy: new forms of belonging

1545 - 1615 coffee break

1615 - 1730 WG TF4

1615 - 1620 Presentation (Melanie - Jose)

1620 - 1635 Guest speaker Matt Hills ("Defining/Avoiding “Spoilers”: From Pre-textual Poachers to the Problem of Social Media 'Spoilercasting' Within Fandom")

1635 - 1715 Papers (8 minutes each one)

Joseba Bonaut and Mar Grandío
Crossmedia production and audience involvement in four television fiction markets: a comparative approach between UK, Spain, USA and Canada.

Francesca Pascali
Television viewers as distributor: downloading, sharing and archiving TV programs in a Cross-media scenario.

Igor Vobic and Ana Milojevic
Audience involvement in negotiating self-perception of journalists´ societal roles: cases of Slovenian and Serbian Online Journalists

Paula Cordeiro
Radio: radio´s rebirth trough social media. Once again?

Lucy Bennett
Transformation trough Twitter: Television viewership trough media convergence

1715 - 1730 Open discussion on papers and on guest speaker speech

1745 - 1945 Management Committee meeting

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