new Special Issue of Budapest Management Review on managerial issues related to audience transformation and production

Special Issue on managerial issues related to audience transformation and production

Budapest Management Review
Volume 44, Issue 2, 2014
Guest editors: Mihály Gálik, Nóra Nyirő

This special issue of Budapest Management Review is guest-edited in collaboration with the Working Group on “Audience interactivity and participation” of the COST Action IS0906 “Transforming Audiences, Transforming Societies”.

The issue covers wide area of cross media production and audience involvement related topics with special emphasis on managerial issues and aspects. Participating audiences are changing media market value chain; co-creators, produsers and prosumers as audiences appear, so the special focus on participation in managerial context is emphasized as well.


Table of contents:

Zsolt Varga – Nóra Nyirő: Through the kaleidoscope: media consumption patterns in the participatory cross-media era

Daiva Siudikiene: Playing and creating audiences media users-generated content quality assessment

Tamás Csordás – Mirkó Gáti: The New (Marketing) Role of Firms as Media Content Providers - The case of SME's Strategic Social Media Presence

Angela Chang: What the audiences of performing arts find most important: An examination of the attitudinal and relational marketing strategies

Tamás Bokor: More Than Words, Brand Destruction in the Online Sphere

Dóra Horváth – Ariel Mitev – andrás Bauer: Winning Media Strategies in the Time of the Economic Crisis

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