WG2 presentations @ Tampere in the WG2 slot on Thursday 18 April from 900 to 1030

WG2 presentations: Thursday 18 April from 900 to 1030
2 parallel WG2 slots: rooms still to be allocated

Panel 1: The contexts of participation
Chair: Nico Carpentier
Room: TBD

Technology as an enabler and means to support reader participation to hyperlocal news making - participant characteristics and factors affecting participation [Download presentation]
Heli Väätäjä

Journalists and reader-reporters in hyperlocal context
Merja Helle, Maria Ruuska, Hanna Weselius & Kajsa Hytönen

Analyzing youth media participation in a comparative setting
Sirkku Kotilainen & Annikka Suoninen

"The Story is Us, the Media are Us" - Critical media practices in changing media cultures
Anne Kaun

Fake news and networked journalism in hard times: "Honest, objective and immoralist news" of Zaytung on social media
D. Beybin Kejanlıoğlu, Oğuzhan Taş, Aydın Çam & A. Sarp Yılmaz

Panel 2: Being public in the 21st century
Chair: Francesca Pasquali
Room: TBD

Theoretical perspectives on emergent publics
Maria Francesca Murru & Peter Lunt

Radio becoming r@dio: convergence, interactivity and broadcasting trends in Portuguese radio
Paula Cordeiro

Taking a closer look to generations online: the Greek case explored
Dimitra Dimitrakopoulou

The Mediatization of society: play as a form of social interaction
Manuel José Damásio & Sara Henriques

Generations and on-line media in Cyprus
Angeliki Gazi

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